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The bacterium determines the treatment plan. At the first appointment in the clinic, it is definitively determined which bacterium causes problems for you and a specific bacteriophage is selected in the laboratory. This process can take a few days. The Eliava institute has a library of more than 2000 phages. Nevertheless it can occur that a new bacteriophage has to be prepared. Hereafter the treatment will be started under the supervision of a specialized doctor. You will stay in Tbilisi up to about 14 days, in some cases your stay has to be extended. If necessary, you can take all medication home with you.

You pay the costs for your treatment directly to the the clinic of your choice. In addition to the treatment costs, there will be consultation, travel and accommodation costs.

If you have any questions, see our FAQ and FAQ Phage Therapy for answers. Contact us if you do not find a suitable answer.

We are your partner for a carefree stay in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Georgia is the land of...

wine and mountains, high mountains! But also sea, and city life. Tucked away between the Caucasus, one of Europe's highest mountains. Georgia is European-oriented. Read more on the Georgia page of Why Me Tbilisi.

Georgians see tourists as a gift from God. It is safe, tourism is on the rise and the population is very hospitable. It is located between Russia and Turkey and with borders to Armenia and Azerbaijan the country lies on the Black Sea and thus the more famous Sunny Beach from Bulgaria, but that is on the other side of this sea. You will find an untouched and vast nature, a friendly population, ancient ruins tucked away in mountain peaks and a rich food & wine culture.