Resistant to antibiotics?

Healthcare in Georgia

Foundation Healthcare in Georgia is the link between you and the health care in Tbilisi. Georgia is a beautiful country with world leading specialties in healthcare including Phage Therapy .

It is also possible to travel to Georgia for a visit to the dentist. The prices for a treatment are very interesting here!

Phage Therapy Travel

We inform and guide people which live in the UK, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Austria who want to travel to Georgia for a bacteriophage treatment . We work together with our partner Why Me Tbilisi .

Our mission is to assist you. That is why we offer our service focused on your wishes and the associated budget, leaving nothing to be desired.

Dental Travel

Our consultants in Georgia, the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany explore together with you the possibilities for planning a trip.

The cost for a dental treatment in Georgia are 50% to 70% lower than in for example the Netherlands or Belgium!

Antibiotic resistance is one of the 3 biggest problems worldwide

Because of the many uses of antibiotics, more and more bacteria are resistant to antibiotics. The World Health Organization is currently warning that antibiotic resistance has reached 'alarming proportions'. If antibiotics do not work with a bladder infection, for example, we may die. Currently, there are 700 thousand people worldwide dying from an infection that can not be longer treated with antibiotics.

The expectation for 2050 is that there willl be approximitely 10 million people dying each year worldwide due to the effects of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Therefore its necessary to hurry with the development of new drugs to fight bacteria that have become resistant to antibiotics.

Bacteriophages are in many cases the solution, however, these are not recognized drugs in most of the world, including the European Union and America, and the use is, in most cases, impossible.

Treatment is currently only possible in Georgia, in the beautiful capital Tbilisi is the Eliava Institute located. This institute has been working on this technique since 1923 and is worldwide the authority in the field of bacteriophages and phage therapy.
There are 2 clinics in Tbilisi that provide bacteriophage treatments and are working with patients from abroad, the Eliava Phage Therapy Center and the Phage Therapy Center .

We work independently as a foundation. Our mission is to inform and guide people who want to travel to Georgia for a bacteriophages treatment, which is often a last resort. our partner Why Me Tbilisi provides transparent budget and full service packages which will provide everything you need. We are the link between you and the healthcare in Georgia.
We guarantee a Carefree stay in beautiful Georgia!

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Relaxation during your care trip in Georgia

Relaxation is very important for your recovery, our partner Why Me Tbilisi offers excursions . See a short impression below.

Excursion Ikalto Monastery Complex

Excursion Tbilisi, view from the piece bridge

Excursion Uplistsikhe Cave Town